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IntelliJ IDEA 11 icons pack plugin

Oct 10, 2012
Konstantin Bulenkov

As an IntelliJ IDEA user, you may notice user interface changes from version to version. And IMHO it looks better and better. Anyway, there are always some guys who don’t like any UI changes. To make these users feel comfortable with changes we made, I wrote a plugin that enables old IntelliJ icons.

Download the plugin from here /idea11icons.jar Then go to IDEA Preferences -> Plugins -> Install from disk. Then restart IDEA.

UPDATE: The plugin has been updated to version 1.1 due compatibility issues with IntelliJ IDEA 13. Please download again and re-install


  • Thank you for the icons… much more fitting for OS X Mountain Lion! At least it doesn’t look like Windows 8. This gives me an idea for OS X specific icons for IDEA! If only I had any talent for graphic design.

  • Thanks,it’s very useful

  • Icons v.12 is not complete pack & not release.
    Thanks for v.11 icon pack. Sorry for my english

  • Daene, icons v12 will be much better. I promiss

  • Main toolbar «Settings» button in build 122.592 from v12 icon when plugin enabled.

  • Thanks, you saved my day.

  • Thank you – much appreciated!

  • In my opinion the icons in version 12 are ugly. FYI, I created this JIRA:

    Please don’t repeat the mistake Microsoft made by f*****g around with the colors and the icons in Visual Studio 2012.

    I hate when I see people imitating different Apple or MS style icons, as if the design they come up with is always good (just an example of retarded design: ribbon toolbars, the new windows 8 design).

    We are developers, not consumers. I am spending 8+ hours using your IDE. Vivid icons are visually stimulating. Have respect.

    I thank you for offering this plug-in, but I think the option of choosing icons should have been part of the official distribution. And is there a way of providing my own icons?

    • Bogdan, of course you can! Open downloaded jar file (you can rename it to zip) There are one class and hundreds of icons. You can overwrite all of them.

    • Btw, try to use Darcula as a L&F and you will see that new icons rock!

    • i love this IDE !!
      but … for the icons : seems someone @jetbrains has no taste

  • Hi:

    The plugin doesn’t seem to replace all the icons. For instance, it doesn’t replace the files, settings, show history icons as well as the project icon (the one that is the same with the application icon and is showed in the top left project tab). Frankly, I liked better the old application icon which uses a more intense blue.

    *Sigh* The old icons were perfect. I just don’t get why guys felt the need to change them. I understand about vector based icons argument, but the rest…

    I tried to use Darcula theme – I actually use a black background for the editor, however, the problem that I have is that the contrast between text and background in the Project/Structure areas is not strong enough. You probably use a nuance of gray that is not strong enough for me, so I dismissed this theme. I might reconsider it if the text in these areas can be changed to white.

  • Thank you for the plugin, the v11 icons were much less confusing than the new ones (especially those in the project tree).

  • Please put the plugin to IntelliJ Idea repository for larger audience :)

    • With my pleasure :-)

  • Thank you for this! While I was at it, I also replaced the ugly, new, washed-out application icon by copying over the old one from Applications/IntelliJ\ IDEA\

  • Works fine. Except fileTypes\text.png. All other reflect changes.

    fileTypes\text.png reflect file replacement in lib\icons.jar only.

  • You saved me my sanity … I owe ya a beer man … One thing I LOVED about Idea was the crisp and clear icons … IMO the new icons were a pathetic attempt to copy_whatever_windows8_looks_like …

    TY Konstantin

  • This fixed the folder icons for me, but most document icons still show up in the new, peculiar boxy style in PhpStorm 6.

    I guess we’re at that stage with JetBrains – running out of real features to build, branching out into useless changes that make the product look “cool” and “different” and detract from usability. I remember when Adobe hit that stage with Photoshop – it was every bit as frustrating as this.

    When will companies like these learn that we don’t use their products to “look cool” – we use them to get shit done. Everything else is secondary.

    • I use IntelliJ IDEA and there were a lot of major features for me in version 12:
      1. out-of-process compilation (Now IDEA compiles my projects 8-10 times faster)
      2. Faster indexing
      3. Less memory usage

    • @Rasmus Wow, I really don’t understand how you can make such a snarky comment. You trash icon changes because, what, you just don’t like them? But then you go on to say “…we don’t use their products to ‘look cool’ – we use them to get shit done. Everything else is secondary.” I guess having one set of icons v.s. another really keeps you from ever getting anything done. Personally, I found this to be a very innocuous change.

      The PHPStorm team made it very clear with this release that they were moving to vector-based icons in support of the movement towards retina displays. Having resolution-independent graphics in the application is a good move. Also, try reading the change log before you start call “running out of real features to build.”

      The guys at JetBrains work too hard developing this fantastic software for you to act like such a child. Expressing your displeasure with a change is one thing. Being a dick is another. Let’s all try to follow Wheaton’s Law, OK?

      • Hey, Hey, Hey. Slow down guys. Honestly saying, if you have some shit to throw to a guy who’s responsible for these modern icons in Php/Web Storms, IntelliJ, AppCode, PyCharm, etc, well, throw it to me :-) Because I’m that guy. That’s why I wrote the idea11 icon set plugin. No, I’m not a designer who made these icons, but I really like them. Especially under Darcula theme. Look here: Which icons you don’t like? (Click on image if you’re not on Retina device)

  • Many, many thanks for this plugin! To say that the new icon set is ugly and shitty is too kind. “Different” doesn’t necessarily mean better. I hope that this new icon set will be trashed asap.

  • Oh, and btw, darcula sucks (inmho).

  • Konstantin – thank you for this small plugin. I discovered I miss the old icon set very much !

  • i wrote a script to replace icons, here’s the link

    you can add a yaml file to allow it work on IntelliJ IDEA 12

  • Thanks so much!

  • I think this is unfair:

    “there are always some guys who don’t like any UI changes”

    I simply do not like the new icons in PHPstorm6, they are much harder to look at, and we look at our screens all day. That doesn’t mean I “don’t like any UI changes”, it means I just don’t like the icons. There is a big difference.

    That doesn’t mean people like me are standing in the way of progress and UI evolution, it means I just don’t like the icons. But nevertheless, thanks a lot for the plugin.

  • Unfortunately no longer works in IntelliJ IDEA 13 130.754

    • Thank you Eugene! The compatibility issue has been fixed. Update the plugin

      • Thank you so much. Without your plugin I can no longer use the Idea. Tried several times to get used to the new icons and could not.
        I want to take this opportunity to send the rays of hatred who decided to change them

  • I think having an ms ribbon interface would really pull in a lot of crowd to PHP Storm.Cost it is easier to find commands than any other app on the planet. I only wish there was a plugin.

  • Sweet Mithras, this is like music to my eyes. Thank you so much!

  • Does this still work ?

    • Do you have any problems with it?

  • Hello,

    are the icons themselves open source and free to use elsewhere? If yes, what license? I like IntelliJ (in my case actually PyCharm) expand all and collapse all icons, and would like to use them Robot Framework log files:

    • Depends on what icons are you talking about. For example, these are under Apache 2.0 license

      • Thanks for the info. We ended up using Open Iconic , but it’s good to know also IntelliJ icons are freely available.

  • Hi,

    I’m wondering, is it possible that you update your plugin to support PhpStorm 9.0, as I cannot install it at the moment: it says unable to find valid cetification path to requested target :( I’m so keen to it, and will miss it, if it won’t be updated…

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