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IntelliJ IDEA plugins development : Diagrams

Category: IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 22, 2014
Konstantin Bulenkov

Diagrams are only available in Ultimate version of IntelliJ IDEA and Diagram Support is implemented using a commercial library called yFiles. This library has a bit complicated API and if you use yFiles it’s difficult to make something really simple in a short period of time. That’s why I made a diagram framework on top of yFiles. We (IntelliJ team) are using this framework inside Ultimate project and I can’t provide some real code examples. Sorry!

However, I’ve made a very simple plugin that shows how to deal with the diagram framework. You can find source code and java docs of the diagram framework API on GitHub

Don’t forget to setup Plugin SDK properly before you start and read instructions in

Video is available here:


  • I found your plugin IntelliJIdeaDiagramDemo.
    It’s very interesting, I also use a similar plugin is PHPStorm Support ULM. But It only allow me to draw class and method only.
    I’m WordPress developer, Too many themes in my code is function, not class. So I want to build a plugin allow me to draw “call hierarchy diagram”. include function, method call.

    • Hi Duoc NV, yes, I know the plugin you’re talking about. I’m the author and have a feature request to support sequence diagrams Honestly, I’m not going to implement it soon. So, if you want to try I’ll help you

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