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2048 game in Java

Category: Java
Mar 28, 2014
Konstantin Bulenkov

I’m so addicted to 2048 and I decided to write it in Java. I combined all algorithms and approaches I found on Github and the Internet, and I finally have the game in just one java file. You can find sources here:


  • You rock ! I’ll test it and let you know… :)

  • Thanks i just created a funny version of a maven plugin using your source code !

    • You are welcome!

  • Shall I compare this to a summers day… very well done

  • Awesome Work Sir. A detailed algorithm explanation for the same will be very helpful for a novice java developer like me.

  • how can i download it????

  • I LUV IT

  • I am sorry, I am at the very beginning of learning java. Can you tell me how to run the program please? I couldn t find the jar file

  • can u please tell me how to add options of “new game”and high score ?

    • Check out the source code from github and then add two extra actions. You will need to save scores somewhere on disk.

  • i have succeeded in understanding the code can u please modify it for me and add some home screen buttons like new game and high score?


    • Ok, I’ll try when have some time

  • i have 2048 game as my college project and i have to submit it by this weekend

  • Awesome!
    I am learning Java and your game teaches me a lot of things.
    Thank you!

  • It would be good if you can add some javadocs.

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