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Konstantin Bulenkov

Konstantin Bulenkov

2008 – Present

Team Lead at JetBrains
I’m one of IntelliJ Platform Core developers. My team is responsible for productivity and usability for all IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform: IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, and AppCode. Basically, my area of responsibility is everything you see inside our IDEs.

Key accomplishments:
Darcula Look and Feel – dark LaF for IntelliJ based IDEs. The most popular LaF according to internal statistics (53% ~ 600.000 users)
Diagraming Framework – a framework based on yFiles library for developing different types of diagrams such as class diagrams in languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Php; modules relationships diagrams, Maven dependencies diagrams, etc.
Custom JRE – in 2014 I proposed to use a custom fork of OpenJDK to run our java-based desktop products. I’ve been leading this activity since then. We’ve made subpixel AntiAliasing support for JRE 1.8.*
Core UI components – almost all base Swing components have been enhanced (labels, lists, trees, tables)
Core IDE features – Inline Debugger, File Structure, File Switcher, Favourites, REST-client, Recent Files, Navigation Bar, i18n foldings, Change Signature, New Splash and much, much more

2006 – 2008
TechLead at Motorola
Technical leading of 3 projects related to Motorola Set Top Boxes. Mostly middleware and application layers. Developing MotoCAP – Motorola OCAP-based Platform for Set Top Boxes.

Key accomplishments:
– Created universal Java Agent for embedded systems such as set-top boxes, cell phones, and other JVM-based devices to analyze and test middleware layer and application APIs. I was the author of “Testlets” ideology and architecture of Testlets engine
– MotoCAP STA project presentation at IEEE conference Consumer Electronics 2007 (Dallas,TX)
– Patent disclosure – Typified URL-based Regular Expressions

2001 – 2006
TechLead / Project Manager at Lanit-Tercom
Growing from Junior Software Engineer to TechLead to Project Manager, I was involved in a dozen successful projects and gained invaluable expertise with Java development

Public presentations (big events only)
– JavaOne 2014 (San-Francisco, CA) – “Brewing your very own IDE”
– IEEE Consumer Electronics 2007 (Dallas,TX) – MotoCAP STA project presentation

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