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Windows evolution

Sep 30, 2012
Category: Design, Fun

Windows evolution

iPhone 5 First Look

Sep 12, 2012
Category: gadgets

English. Tips-n-Tricks

Sep 4, 2012
Category: English

You are learning English. Of course you want to speak naturally, as if you were American or British. But how can you do this? Here are five tips to help.

1 – use ‘get’

‘Get’ is one of the most useful – and most used – words in the English language. English speakers use it all the time! Take a look at this example:
English Learner: What time did you arrive?
Native Speaker: What time did you get there?
‘Get’ has so many meanings. It can mean ‘take’ or ‘buy’. English learners often have trouble using ‘get’ to mean ‘become’:
English Learner: I became angry when the train was late.
Native Speaker: I got angry when the train was late.
In fact, we generally use ‘get’ for temporary situations and ‘become’ for permanent situations.
Temporary: She got bored with the movie.
Permanent: Ralph became a doctor at age twenty-five.
Incorrect: Ralph got a doctor at age twenty-five. Continue reading »

Nothing beats a blowjob

May 27, 2012
Category: Fun
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Dominoes Techno Chicken

May 12, 2012
Category: Fun